Buying Emerald Engagement Rings Guide

Natural emerald is the leader among colored gemstones, and rings are the most popular darling among jewelry. Natural emerald rings that combine the two are naturally very popular. As one of the five precious gemstones, emerald gives people the feeling of nobility, so emerald rings are suitable for attending important and grand occasions, such as award ceremonies, banquets and so on. Indeed, the emerald ring is a very good item to set off the temperament. A high-quality and exquisitely designed emerald ring always attracts the attention of many people inadvertently. It is simply the best choice for showing off wealth with taste.

Think emerald rings are only for grand occasions? In fact, emerald rings will also make you look infinite in daily wear. In daily wear, an emerald ring with a small carat can be adapted to any style, and it is also very beautiful when stacked with other jewelry materials. Of course, if you must wear a large carat emerald ring, try to choose a simple style. The green ring can be very prominent without giving people the feeling of a local tyrant. It is more about taste and nobility.

The emerald ring is actually a very good matching item. You can watch emerald super fans Angelina Jolie’s emerald matching when you often attend grand occasions. If you like daily wear, you can also refer to fashion bloggers or celebrities. Be an emerald ring matching expert!

Buying emeralds requires far less skill than buying diamonds. Diamonds are prized for their dazzling fire, while emeralds are prized for their color. Because it is related to color, when buying emeralds, ask the merchant to provide high-quality gemstone images for identification.

How to Pick a Good Emerald Engagement Ring

  1. When purchasing an emerald ring, the choice of color comes first. Medium-dark emerald green is the most precious, too dark or too light will affect the value of jewelry.
  2. Whether the emerald green is crystal clear depends not only on the color of the gemstone, but also on the transparency and flaws of the gemstone. Usually medium-quality emeralds will have some cotton-like inclusions to some extent. As long as the flaws do not seriously affect the beauty of the gemstone, the price is still acceptable.
  3. Emeralds are easy to crack, so when purchasing emerald rings, you should check whether the gemstones have obvious cracks. Cracks will affect the durability and value of gemstones.
  4. The identification of emeralds is difficult, so it is best to ask for an identification certificate when purchasing, which proves that it is a natural emerald and has not been colored.
  5. For general decoration, medium-sized emerald rings or emerald rings set with small emeralds are suitable, and emerald rings that are too large will be expensive.
  6. The emerald ring is best accompanied by small diamonds, which can fully show the beauty of the emerald color. For smaller emerald rings, the quality of the companion diamond has some influence on the price of the emerald ring.

Summary of experience in choosing emerald rings

Choosing an emerald ring depends first on the color. It is not good if the emerald ring is too dark or too light. Generally speaking, the price of emerald rings in medium and deep emerald green is higher.

Choosing an emerald ring depends on the clarity. Natural emerald rings will more or less have some cotton-like inclusions, and the emerald rings with fewer blemishes are better, but the price of flawless emerald rings is undoubtedly higher. For general wear, these imperfections are acceptable as long as they do not affect the aesthetics. But if it is a crack, it should be carefully considered. Emeralds are relatively fragile, and emerald rings with cracks will affect their lifespan. It is not recommended to start with them when choosing.

Pick an emerald ring for size. Although the bigger the emerald is, the more precious it is, but for the emerald ring, you must choose the one that suits you. If it is not suitable for your hand, it will not be able to bloom its beauty no matter how big it is.

Choosing an emerald ring also depends on the craftsmanship. Many emerald rings are inlaid with other accessories such as broken diamonds, and the inlay process will also affect the value of emerald rings.

The last thing to say is that choosing an emerald ring depends on the authenticity. Many emerald rings are synthetic and dyed, so don’t ignore the authoritative identification certificate when choosing an emerald ring.


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