Can I wear an engagement ring after marriage?

I have a diamond engagement ring and don’t want to buy a diamond wedding ring, can these two be mixed? In the jewelry family, the meaning of diamond rings is quite rich, and diamond rings worn on different fingers symbolize different emotional states.

But from another point of view, both diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings symbolize love, so already have a diamond engagement ring, do you still need to prepare a diamond wedding ring?

Although both diamond wedding rings and engagement rings represent love and marriage, the difference between the two diamond rings is particularly obvious:

The meaning of wearing is different

The engagement diamond ring is worn on the middle finger of the left hand, which means that the girl’s famous flower has a master, and has agreed to the marriage proposal of her sweetheart. The wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger to represent eternal love.

The number is different

Engagements are mostly single rings and can be reserved only for girls. Diamond wedding rings are rings, one for each of men and women.

The design direction is different

The design style of the engagement diamond ring is richer, just according to the girl’s preference. Diamond wedding rings are rings, unified in style, and more demanding on deep meaning than appearance.

Can a diamond engagement ring be used as a wedding ring?

Some people may think that the engagement diamond ring can be used as a wedding diamond ring, but the ritual sense of engagement and marriage is completely different, and the design focus is also different.

Usually diamond engagement rings pay more attention to aesthetics, and the design direction of diamond wedding rings is uniformity and ease of wear.

If you replace a diamond wedding ring with an engagement ring, you need to compromise the meaning of engagement and marriage, and then find a balance in design.

As long as you can accept the engagement diamond ring, after witnessing the union of love, and then be given the sacred meaning of marriage again at the wedding, you can use the engagement diamond ring as a wedding diamond ring.

However, the meaning of engagement and marriage is different, and if conditions permit, it is best to choose a diamond engagement ring and a diamond wedding ring separately.


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