Can moissanite be used as a wedding ring?

I have received more than 10,000+ customers. There are boys and girls who buy Moissanite diamonds. Generally speaking, there are more girls. When they buy diamond ring jewelry, many people will say that diamonds are not worth buying. The mulberry diamond is big and beautiful, you can wear it casually without fear of losing it if you buy one.

In fact, many girls are relatively open-minded and easy to accept new things. As long as the two sides communicate well and reach a consensus, buy a Moissanite ring that is comparable to real diamonds, and the money saved can be used to buy gold and travel… In short , people who bought Moissanite will say, it’s really fragrant~

what is moissanite

There may still be many friends who don’t know about Moissanite, a synthetic gemstone, so let me give you some popular science!

The composition of Moissanite is silicon carbide, the chemical composition is SiC, it is close to colorless, the refractive index is 2.56-2.69, the dispersion is 0.104, the birefringence is 0.043, the hardness is 9.25, and the density is 3.22 grams per cubic centimeter.

Moissanite was invented by a scientist named Henry Moissanite, and later people named this gemstone after him.

Moissanite looks similar to diamond and is often used as a substitute for diamond. It is also a gemstone whose physical properties are closest to natural diamonds.

Moissanite is very rare in nature, and currently on the market it is said that Moissanite is artificially synthesized.

Why Moissanite is worth buying

The first is that Moissanite is very similar in appearance to diamonds.

Moissanite’s fire, hardness, luster, refraction and physical properties are very similar to diamonds, and even far superior to diamonds in color.

The color of high-quality moissanite can reach D color, white, translucent, shiny, and the inlaid finished diamond ring can never tell whether it is a moissanite or a diamond within a social distance, so you can definitely wear it with confidence.

Secondly, Moissanite can also rival diamonds in hardness. Diamonds are too beautiful and expensive. For a long time, people have been tirelessly looking for diamond substitutes, such as zircon, corundum and so on.

But neither is ideal, why? Because the hardness of these gemstones is too low, they will be scratched and cannot be seen after a long time. The hardness of Moissanite is 9.25, and the hardness of diamond is 10. Moissanite is the second hardest gemstone in the world, and it can last forever like diamonds.

Finally, the price of Moissanite is cheap and cheap. The price of real diamonds is too expensive, because the brand premium of diamond rings is too high, there are too many middlemen, and the value preservation rate is very low, so everyone will say that diamond rings are an IQ tax.

To be honest, the best substitute for diamonds is lab-grown diamonds, but the price per carat is 7-8000. High-quality Moissanite diamonds cost only a few hundred dollars per carat, plus a gold holder, which is about 2,000 dollars.

Moissanite is cheap, wears well, and the leather is durable, so it is very popular.

Who is suitable for wearing a moissanite ring

  1. Customers who do not pursue value preservation, but pursue a sense of wearing, we can’t get access to diamonds that preserve value, so Moissanite diamonds are enough for beautiful jewelry.
  2. People who can accept new things and keep pace with the times. I don’t care about the marketing significance of real diamonds, but I am worried that people around me will say that marriage is not complete without a diamond ring. I pursue a sense of ritual and use Moissanite diamonds as a perfect substitute.
  3. I have a diamond ring, but I am not willing to wear it. The real diamond ring is too expensive. I really want to buy a 1 carat real diamond ring and I am not willing to wear it every day. I am afraid of being bumped or lost. Moissanite diamonds are solid and I wear them every day. Will not drop the chain.

To sum up, it is completely possible to use a Moissanite diamond ring for a marriage proposal, but it must also be established on the basis of a consensus reached by both parties. After all, earning money is not easy now, not everyone has a million dollars per capita, don’t win face and lose face just to buy a diamond ring.

About us, we have focused on high-quality Moissanite diamonds for six years, only making the best Moissanite diamonds in the industry, and treating every friend with heart. If you have any questions, please private message me, I know everything!


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