Do Diamonds Come In Color?

What color diamonds have, diamond color classification introduction

About diamond color has always made many consumers misunderstand, thinking that diamonds are colorless and transparent, but in fact, diamond color can be divided into many kinds, such as yellow, pink, blue, etc., and there are some differences in the formation of different diamond colors, so what color are diamonds? Here’s an introduction to diamond color classification.

Diamond color classification

The industry believes that the color of diamonds can be divided into three main categories: Cape series, brown series, and color series.

Cape Series diamond color

Cape diamonds are "colorless-light yellow-yellow" diamonds.

In the color grading of common colorless transparent diamonds, GIA divides the diamond color into 23 grades, from colorless – nearly colorless – very light yellow – faint yellow – light yellow, these different levels of diamond grades, each level can be divided into a color, so it seems that there are as many as 23 diamond colors in the Cape series of diamonds.

Brown series diamond color

The brown series includes brown diamonds of varying intensity. These diamonds fluoresce yellow-green under longwave ultraviolet light, typically in brown diamonds, with an uneven color, and diamonds from the Argyle mines in Australia often belong to this group. Coffee diamonds, commonly known in commerce, refer to diamonds with a very light brown to brown and brown-green color, belonging to the brown series.

Fancy color series diamond color

Fancy color diamonds are the most colored, have almost any color you can imagine, generally have a significant color, or rare natural color diamonds, are among the colored diamonds.

GIA describes a diamond’s color by color, saturation and modifier color.

Color: refers to the characteristic color of diamonds, but also the color of colored diamonds, such as red diamonds, orange diamonds, yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, green diamonds, purple diamonds, pink diamonds, black diamonds, white diamonds, gray diamonds, violet diamonds, etc. These different diamond colors make up the main color of fancy color diamonds:

From left to right – yellow, pink, blue, green, orange, brown, violet, gray, purple, red, black, white

Saturation: Refers to the color intensity of a colored diamond, also known as the color grading of a fancy color diamond. At GIA, fancy color diamonds are divided into different color levels according to color intensity: Fancy Light, Fancy Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep, Fancy Vivid.

Taking blue diamonds as an example, then the colors of different levels of blue diamonds are:

Blue tone and saturation chart from G&G

Fancy Light Blue
Fancy Blue
Fancy Intense Blue
Fancy Deep Blue
Fancy Vivid Blue
Fancy Dark Blue

Each of these different color grades of blue diamonds can be counted as a fancy color color, as can diamonds of other colors (except black and white diamonds).

Left to right: slight, very light, light, pastel, medium, intense, vivid, dark.

Black and white diamonds are more special in fancy color diamonds, they have Fancy white/black/grey grading, but there is no more detailed description in the color grading of fancy diamonds, such as Fancy light white or Fancy vividblack.

Modifier colors: Fancy color diamonds can be only one color or a mixture of two or three colors. It is very common for two colors to appear on a diamond at the same time, depending on the amount of different colors, there are primary and secondary colors, in the case of pink and purple, this diamond is often described as Purplish Pink (pink with purple), the main color is placed at the back, and the secondary color is placed on the front. When different colors reach a certain proportion, they are directly called Pinks-Purple (pink-purple) regardless of the main and secondary colors. Pink diamonds also contain brown, light gray, orange, brownish orange and brownish violet.

The diamond colors in the first row of the above chart are: dark pink with orange, micro pink, light pink, light pink, light pink, medium color pink, intense color pink, bright color pink.

Second row: dark pink, medium pink with purple, intense pink with purple, bright pink with purple, dark pink with purple, xxx, medium pink with light purple, intense pink with light purple.

In addition to pink diamonds, this is also the case for most colored diamonds.

Chameleon Diamond:

In the field of colored diamonds, there is a class of chameleon diamonds. This diamond will undergo a significant color change when heated to a certain temperature, or after being placed in dark conditions for a period of time, such as yellow when you see it, but it is likely to turn green after heating.

The above is the introduction of diamond color classification, through the above information we know that there are many diamond colors, among which the scarcity of colored diamonds determines their price is higher than ordinary colorless diamonds, and brown diamonds are one of the cheaper diamond colors.


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