Don’t mistake Moissanite for A Diamond

Are lab-grown diamonds worth anything?

Moissanite gemstones, which have suddenly caught fire in recent years, are known as “flashing diamonds”, but why do diamonds witness love, but moissanite is struggling between luxury goods and ordinary jewelry?

What is Moissanite

Primordial moissanite is a particularly rare ore that only occurs in craters.

Natural moissanite is predominantly dark green and black in color and is hardly found in the jewelry market.

The moissanite we see today is a laboratory-grown ore, which has little to do with natural moissanite, and the name “moissanite” is actually to mourn Dr. Moissan, who discovered natural moissanite…….

Difference between Moissanite and Diamond

Moissanite is composed of moissanite and diamond is composed of carbon, the structure of the two is very similar, and the hardness is similar, and the fire of the best moissanite even exceeds that of diamond.

Some people think that moissanite can replace diamonds, in fact, moissanite can only be moissanite, not diamonds:

(1) Moissanite is an artificial and rapidly synthesized ore, and diamond takes hundreds of millions of years to fully form, which is different in nature, different in formation process, and different in meaning.

(2) Poor quality moissanite can be “whitewashed” by artificial means, while diamonds always maintain natural beauty, and diamonds from formal channels will not be fake.

(3) The quality of moissanite is uneven, and the market is chaotic. The diamond market is stable and the chance of stepping on the pit is small.

(4) Moissanite production can be frequently adjusted with market demand, diamonds are non-renewable resources, stocks are constantly decreasing, and prices are relatively stable.

Which is more worth, diamond or moissanite?

①The positioning of diamonds and Moissanite is actually very different. Diamonds are precious gems, while Moissanite is just an industrial product.

If you just want to spend a few hundred dollars to buy a piece of jewelry that you usually wear to go out and play, even if you lose it, then Moissanite can also be considered.

If you like exquisite and beautiful jewelry, want the jewelry to bring out your temperament, and are willing to inject beautiful feelings into the gemstone and give it an extraordinary meaning, then you need a diamond, because Moissanite is a bit unbearable This meaningful sustenance.

②Some people will consider the preservation rate first, and then choose gems, so who is more valuable between diamonds and moissanite?

Diamonds are natural ores, non-renewable resources, which means that every time a diamond is sold in the world, the remaining diamond stock will be a little less.

Marriage proposals, weddings, or important anniversaries happen all the time in the world, and the stock of diamonds continues to decrease, so at least its price will not be as ups and downs as riding a roller coaster.

Judging from the hundred years of De Beers’ promotion of diamonds to the world, diamonds actually preserve their value.

Moissanite is a synthetic diamond, strictly defined as a craft product. The original Moissanite was actually researched as an ornament.

With the development of science and technology, the laboratory has developed Moissanite with better appearance. Because its hardness is close to that of diamond and its fire is better, businessmen began to brag about the value of Moissanite.

Originally ordinary decorations turned into “jewelry”. Nowadays, there are Moissanite research and development bases in many regions, and the quality is also polarized.

Presented in front of Moissanite is the rapid evolution in a market with mixed reviews. The rapid growth of moissanite has brought huge profits, and merchants will only produce more moissanite more crazily.

With the gradual saturation of the market, this so-called “jewelry” may continue to drop in price according to the relationship between supply and demand, and it is even possible to return to “decoration”.

Compared with diamonds, what preservation rate can moissanite have?

③The stability of diamond quality is better than Moissanite. The ornamental quality of the best moissanite is indeed comparable to that of diamonds, but the moissanite market is really chaotic.

Some people use forced whitening to improve the quality of moissanite; some coat the surface of poor-quality moissanite and sell it as high-quality moissanite; some people deceive customers by disguising zircon as moissanite, resulting in moissanite The reputation of Sangshi is generally poor.

There are many examples of being cheated into buying low-quality moissanite on the Internet, which really makes people unable to love moissanite.

There is no need to compromise on a quality life. Your taste should be like a diamond, with both inner temperament and outer light.


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