How Much Is A Carat Moissanite Ring?

How much is a carat moissanite ring?

Now more and more consumers began to choose moissanite rings as wedding rings, but friends who do not know much about the market may not know how much moissanite is a carat, if you want to buy a moissanite diamond ring generally how much to start, moissanite regardless of the quality, manufacturers purchase is also a whole batch of in, quality is also uneven, if consumers want to buy in line with their wishes or the highest quality moissanite may only rely on luck.

How much is a moissanite carat?

A moissanite carat is about $100-3,000. The price of a gemstone ring is divided into two parts, one is the gemstone, but the setting. Moissanite is a laboratory synthetic gemstone, scientific name synthetic silicon carbide, not only similar to the appearance of diamond, but also only a little lower than diamond, because the astigmatism is stronger, so the fire of moissanite looks more dazzling than diamond, which is one of the reasons why some people choose to buy moissan. The price of one carat top VVS domestic moissanite is about 1000, the larger the price, the higher the price, the current price is generally 100-200$ for one carat of loose stone. Some consumers feel that the price of a carat of top moissanite is only about a thousand dollars, plus the ring is only 2000-3000 US dollars is very cost-effective, the physical properties of moissanite and the nature of diamonds are very close, it is difficult to find the difference between the two with the naked eye, so moissanite is loved for a reason, but it is worth noting that too cheap moissanite is not worth buying. Low-quality and most used moissanite, the wholesale price is about 40 USD/carat, high-quality moissanite: wholesale price is 180-280/carat.

How much does a moissanite diamond ring usually cost?

Moissanite rings generally cost between $100 and $2,000. Moissanite is a gemstone with a very similar appearance to diamonds, the price is much cheaper than diamonds, moissanite is becoming more and more popular, mainly because it is too similar to real diamonds, wearing it is generally invisible to the naked eye. The price of moissanite rings also depends mainly on the place of origin. Some people think that the price of domestic production is low but the quality is not good, and imported moissanese diamonds are relatively expensive, but the quality may be better. The overall price, moissanite is about one-tenth of a diamond, and a flawless high-quality moissanite single diamond is about 1000$. 1 carat moissanite, silver rings, generally several hundred pieces. Rings in 18K white gold are generally around $200, and platinum is slightly more expensive. Even if it is high-quality moissanite, the manufacturer is also made of a whole batch of goods, the quality is also uneven, the same batch, the color can be 2 levels worse, the clarity is also very different, the cut will not be very consistent, if the merchant picks the best for the buyer, the merchant is generally in the good quality batch to randomly take one out to sell to you, and will not be carefully selected, because if you really pick the best to the consumer, the rest to the end will definitely be difficult to sell. So if the seller is not strictly controlled, consumers can only rely on luck to buy the highest quality moissanite.


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  1. MoissaniteRings says:

    How much does moissanite cost per carat?

    It varies from 200¥~20000¥. Moissanite, the name is derived from Dr. Henry Moissan. Also known as moissanite, moissanite, chemical name is synthetic silicon carbide, its appearance is similar to diamond, often used as a substitute for diamond. It is also a gemstone whose physical properties are closest to natural diamonds. Moissanite is cheaper than regular diamonds. Generally, the price of this diamond is measured by its 4C quality, as well as the cut and the color and purity of the diamond, the higher the purity, the better the quality of moissanite, the higher its price. Conversely, the more quality deviation moissanite, its price is also low.

    How much does moissanite cost per carat? Is moissanite different in appearance from diamonds? Many people will have this concern when buying moissanite, worried that moissanite will look fake and be seen as not a diamond. After reading countless strategies to buy moissanite, I finally bought a loneliness. The first thing to make clear is that no matter what you buy, you get what you pay for. Moissanite ranges from tens to thousands of dollars, and the price is different depending on the grade.

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