According to relevant industry information, the price of one carat of lab-grown diamond is basically below $6,000, and the specific price is mainly affected by the quality, and the slightly lower quality is about $2,000.

According to a report from China Newsweek: “A 1-carat diamond ring from domestic lab-grown diamond brand CARAXY sells for between $2,500 and $6,000 depending on quality; Another domestic lab-grown diamond brand, LightMark, a 1-carat diamond ring basically costs less than $6,000. The flagship store of Diamond Foundry, an American lab-grown diamond brand that has entered the Chinese market, shows that the 1-carat diamond ring is also priced at less than $6,000. ”

In De Beers’ Lightbox lab-grown diamond brand, a carat diamond is priced at $800, equivalent to about 5,400 yuan, and the Lightbox website shows that the grade of one-carat lab-grown diamonds is, nearly colorless, VS clarity, VG cut.

It can be seen that the quotation of 1 carat lab-grown diamonds of different brands is also different.

It is rumored on the Internet that the price of 1 carat lab-grown diamond is about one-third of the price of natural diamonds, and it is recommended that you ask the relevant brand owner about the specific price.

Are 1 carat lab-grown diamonds worth buying?

If you want to wear a large diamond ring to play, you can buy it, in addition, your own budget is only more than 1500$, but you want a 1-carat diamond ring, you can also consider buying lab-grown diamonds, after all, natural diamonds are more than 6000$ even if they are of average quality.

However, lab-grown diamonds are artificially created, and as production increases, the price of lab-grown diamonds is very likely to decline (just like the moissanite that was previously marketed on the whole network, which is now rotten on the street). In terms of value preservation and circulation, lab-grown diamonds can never be compared with natural diamonds.