How to Choose a High Quality Moissanite Ring

How to Choose a High Quality Moissanite Ring

Moissanite rings are relatively common synthetic gemstones and are known as a substitute for diamonds. Due to the continuous growth of the moissanite ring market, a large number of price war merchants have sprung up in the market, and the price of the moissanite ring has been reduced to about a few hundred dollars per carat or even lower, which once caused the moissanite ring to be mistaken as a The market chaos of inferior products is undoubtedly worsening the already controversial moissanite ring products. In response to this problem, I have dedicated a special issue on how to choose high-quality moissanite rings.

You will look at the color and clarity, and the next step is to look at the weight. When choosing a moissanite ring, weight is also one of the must-knows when choosing a moissanite ring. Moissanite rings are calculated in carats, the larger the carat, the larger the diamond and the higher the price. Note: Choosing a moissanite ring does not mean that the bigger the better, this is different from person to person, choose the carat size, and decide to buy according to your own budget.

Judging whether the cut of a moissanite ring is good or not is mainly to see whether its cutting ratio is accurate and whether the decoration is intact, so that all the facets can reflect all the light incident from the outside, so that the fire of the moissanite ring can be enhanced. Shows a nice effect. Many people ignore the cut when choosing a moissanite ring. In fact, only a good cut can fully shine out the fire, so whether the cut is good is very important.

Do you have a clue when you see this? Most of the moissanite rings that cost hundreds of dollars on the market are moissanite rings with a low index, so the price is so cheap. The same diamond weight, different clarity, color, price range is very different. Looking around like this, do you know how to choose a high-quality moissanite ring?


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