How To Distinguish Moissanite and Diamond

Moissanite VS Diamond

The editor once showed moissanite to friends around him, and each of them thought it was a diamond, and it was a high-quality and devastating diamond. Because they saw the fire of moissanite was very shining, they didn’t buy it yet, or Friends who are going to buy moissanite don’t have to worry about whether they will be seen as not diamonds.

Secondly, because moissanite is a man-made gemstone, it allows you to spend less money and buy more decent jewelry, and the price is only one-tenth of that of diamonds. The customized style of diamonds was once known for its sky-high prices, but customized styles are not out of reach for moissanite. Design a moissanite ring that you want… These are why more people will be willing The reason for choosing moissanite is an inexpensive gemstone comparable to natural diamonds.

But no matter how similar diamonds and moissanite look to the naked eye, they are two distinct substances. So they are essentially different.

►How should the difference between moissanite and diamond:

▲1. Comparison of specific gravity: Moissanite is lighter than diamond, that is, their specific gravity is different. The specific gravity of diamond is 3.52, while that of moissanite is only 3.22. For unmounted materials, it is easy to distinguish the two with methyl iodide specific gravity solution (specific gravity 3.32).

▲2. Hardness comparison: The hardness of moissanite is lower than that of diamond, so scratching the surface of moissanite with a diamond hardness tester will leave scratches, but the scratching tester will not leave scratches on the surface of diamonds.

▲3. Conductivity comparison: According to the GIA report, 80% of moissanite are electrical conductors (only blue and blue-gray type IIb diamonds are conductive in natural diamonds). Common white/light yellow diamonds are not conductive, so a conductivity meter or a moissanite can be used to identify diamonds and moissanite.

▲4. Refractive index comparison: The refractive index of moissanite is different from that of diamonds, and the reflective characteristics of moissanite are also different from diamonds. Experienced diamond appraisers can distinguish the two; in addition, moissanite has birefringence, so It is not difficult to see the ghosting of the moissanite ridgeline and culet if you observe carefully. At this time, if you change the viewing angle, the ghosting will still appear.

▲5. Comparison of two-axis optical characteristics: Due to the two-axis optical characteristics of moissanite, the observation of its ghost features depends on the angle of observation. When viewed from the main facet of the table, the ghost is more obvious, even though the table is vertical to Moissanite When the crystal axis is c-axis, the ghosting effect will be reduced, and the reflection ghosting of the table and crown facets can still be seen when focusing on the culet. This feature is completely different from the crown reflection of a single refraction diamond.

▲6. Comparison of polished grains: Moissanite waist polished grains are parallel to each other, which is completely different from diamonds. Moreover, due to the differences in different directions, the polishing direction must be constantly adjusted during the diamond polishing process, while moissanite can be polished in the same direction. This is especially noticeable between adjacent facets.

▲7. Cutting comparison: Most of the cut moissanites have blunt ridges, which are completely different from diamonds with sharp ridges.

▲8. Comparison of inclusions: The inclusions of diamonds are different from those of moissanite. All identified moissanites have inclusions arranged in parallel needles. Thin parallel lines of reflection are visible in some moissanite.

▲9. Color comparison: Moissanite launched a DF grade color that is synchronized with diamonds in 2015, so the two are difficult to distinguish from the color.

Moissanite is not a kind of diamond, but an artificial gemstone comparable to diamonds

As the old saying goes, “There are many people who are popular.” In fact, it is not only people, but also jewelry. In the fashion industry, moissanite has been popular in the jewelry industry since 2013, but even today, some friends still don’t know about moissanite, and there are some misunderstandings. I hope everyone can get to know it again.

►Moissanite is not a type of diamond:

Moissanite is also called Moissanite, Moissanite, which is easy to misunderstand that moissanite is one of the diamonds, but it is not. Moissanite is not a diamond, but moissanite has physical properties comparable to diamonds. Diamond is almost 100% carbon, moissanite is silicon carbide. Moissanite and diamond have similar optical properties, but their chemical makeup is completely different.

► Moissanite is not cubic zirconia:

Cubic zirconia is a diamond substitute, but Moissanite and cubic zirconia are two different things. Due to its low hardness, cubic zirconia is prone to scratches, and moissanite loses its luster after wearing it for a while. This is why people who wear cubic zirconia need to change them frequently. The hardness of Moissanite is as high as 9.5, which is the second highest hardness gemstone among all gemstones, and the effect will be more durable.

►Moissanite is not a fake diamond:

Many people think that Moissanite is man-made and Moissanite is a fake. This kind of thinking is wrong. The essence of moissanite is silicon carbide, which exists in nature, but because the natural output is not high, natural moissanite is not enough to be used as gemstones. Therefore, the Moissanite used to make gemstones is all from the laboratory, but it is not a fake just because it is artificial.

►Moissanite is a light luxury product:

Defining whether Moissanite is expensive requires a reference. With the same carat weight, color, and clarity, the prices of cut diamonds and Moissanite are naturally very different.

►Moissanite quality can stand the witness of the years:

It is also wrong to think that Moissanite is of poor quality. It has been mentioned above that Moissanite is the gemstone with the second highest hardness, and high-quality Moissanite is also excellent in clarity, usually reaching VS2 to VVS. Compared with colorless diamonds, colorless Moissanite is very cost-effective. More importantly, Moissanite also has a better fire than diamonds.

Moissanite has so many advantages, and it has super high cost performance. It is a rare high-quality gemstone jewelry with personalized and humanized unique design. Moissanite, you are worth having.

Editor’s note: The above is the information compiled by the editor about Moissanite is not a kind of diamond, but an artificial gemstone comparable to diamonds. Please pay attention to our official website, we are looking forward to your visit. If you don’t know what moissanite is, please read <<<What Is Moissanite

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