Is Moissanite like a Diamond?

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What is moissanite

Moissanite is a natural elemental mineral and is the second hardest gemstone in the world. Natural moissanite, from meteorites in outer space. In 1894, a French Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Henri Moissan, found a carbon-silicon combined particle from a meteorite that fell in those states of Arizon, USA, which was unusually bright, and the outside of the material resembled diamond, but there was no such component on Earth, so scientists began to develop it. In 1905, as a tribute to Dr. Henri Moissan, the newly discovered gemstone was named Moissanite. The stone is a man-made diamond.

Natural moissanite dates back to the late nineteenth century, and the term moissanite comes from Dr. Henri Moissan, who discovered the mineral in Arizona Crater in 1904. Moissanite (a type of silicon carbide) is also known as carborundum, most moissanite is synthetic, natural moissanite is very rare, only appears in craters, its color is mostly dark green, black. It has been mainly used as an abrasive for many years, and in recent years it has been researched and developed for applications in the field of electronics, such as for light-emitting diode materials. Most synthetic moissanite is below the I or I color level, and some moissanite has a light green hue, indicating that moissanite looks very similar to diamond.

Moissanite (commonly known as magic star stone), the composition is extracted from meteorite, is a molecule combined with carbon and silicon, can be artificially manufactured, belongs to superhard materials, hardness of 9.25. The refractive index of synthetic magic star stone is slightly higher than that of diamond (2.648~2.691), and the dispersion is also good (0.104). In particular, its thermal conductivity of 2.3-4.9 watt/K-cm is already somewhat close to the 26 watt/K-cm of diamonds compared to other diamond counterfeits [1]. The price is one-tenth of that of diamonds, so it is considered the best alternative to natural diamonds.

Moissanite color: colorless, blue, green, yellow-green, yellow
Luster: glass, submetallic luster
Transparency: Transparent to opaque
Hardness: 9.25
Cleavage: [0001] Not obvious
Fracture: conchoid
Streaks: gray-green
Density: 3.218 - 3.22 g/cm³
Category: Natural Elemental Minerals
Molecular weight: 40.10 u
Crystal system: hexagonal crystal system

What is the price of moissanite

Generally speaking, the price of moissanite is determined by 4 “C”, cut (Cut), color (Color), clarity (Clarity) and weight (Carat), the better the quality of 4C, the higher the price, generally speaking, one carat moissanite, clarity, color, cut VS1, H, excellent, the price is about 4500 yuan.

A 1 carat (0.2 gram) diamond costs at least 5,000-20,000 US dollars, while a 6.5 mm diameter moissanite sells for only 500-2,000 $.

As a synthetic gemstone, moissanite is greatly affected by the process, the industry is more authoritative, and the synthetic quality is relatively high is the Charles Cova Company of the United States.

The difference between moissanite and diamond

  1. Specific gravity: moissanite is lighter than diamond, that is, their specific gravity is different, the specific gravity of diamond is 3.52, while the specific gravity of moissanite is only 3.22. For unmounted materials, it is easy to distinguish between the two with methyl iodide specific gravity solution (specific gravity 3.32).
  2. Hardness: The hardness of moissanite is smaller than that of diamond, so the use of diamond hardness tester to mark the surface of moissanite will leave scratches, while the marking plan will not leave scratches on the surface of diamonds.
  3. Conductivity: According to GIA, 80% of moissanite is an electrical conductor (only blue, blue-gray type IIb diamonds in natural diamonds are electrically conductive). Common white/light yellow diamonds are non-conductive, so a conductivity meter or moissanite can be used to distinguish diamonds from moissanite.
  4. Refractive index: the refractive index of moissanite is different from that of diamond, and the reflective characteristics of moissanite are also different from diamonds, and experienced diamond appraisers can distinguish between the two; In addition, moissanite has birefringence, so it is not difficult to see the ghosting of moissanite ridges and bottom tips when looking closely, and the ghosting will still appear when changing the viewing angle.
  5. Biaxial light characteristics: due to the biaxial photometric characteristics of moissanite, the observation of its ghosting characteristics depends on the angle of observation, when observing the ghosting from the main facet of the table is more obvious, although the table is vertical to the moissanite crystal axis C axis will reduce the ghosting effect, focus on the bottom tip can still see the reflection ghosting of the table and crown facets, this feature is completely different from the crown reflection of single-refractive diamonds.
  6. Polishing lines: The waist polishing lines of moissanite are parallel to each other, which is completely different from diamonds. And because of the difference in different directions, the polishing direction of the diamond is constantly adjusted during the polishing process, and moissanite can be polished in the same direction. This is especially true between adjacent facets.
  7. Cutting: Most cut moissanite has blunt edges, which is completely different from diamonds with sharp edges.
  8. Inclusions: The inclusions of diamonds are different from moissanite inclusions. There are inclusions in all identified moissanite that are arranged in parallel in a needle-like manner. Thin parallel lines of reflection can be seen within some moissanite.

Is moissanite worth buying

Moissanite not only has the basic characteristics of diamonds, but also moissanite has higher luster, fire and brilliance than diamonds, making it more suitable for jewelry. Abroad, moissanite has been hailed as a “diamond” that is brighter than diamonds. Although moissanite gathers the advantages of diamonds, its market price is only about one-tenth of diamonds, in recent years, we introduced moissanite into China, which was immediately chased and warmly pursued by the people, and became the object of love of many couples. Moissanite can not only set off the noble temperament and taste, but also cost-effective, compared to consumers, high-end diamonds are the representative of collection, moissanite is the best choice for fashion and beauty.

Moissanite has been very popular in China in recent years. Moissanite not only has the basic characteristics of diamonds, but also moissanite has higher luster, fire and brilliance than diamonds, making it more suitable for jewelry. Moissanite diamond rings and moissanite necklaces are jewelry loved by young people. It is said that for some time demand exceeded supply.

Moissanite is a type of silicon carbide that is rarely found in nature and is mostly synthetic on the market. In the early days, people mistakenly thought it was a diamond because it was very similar to a diamond in appearance and in various other data. However, with the continuous development of moissanite, there are now some relevant international certificates. In other words, buying moissanite now is like buying diamonds. There will be relevant certificates, and you should pay attention to the purchase of moissanite in the future.

Moissanite gemstones are the only characteristic substances are different diamonds of gemstones, although its appearance and internal crystals are very similar to diamonds, but the chemical composition is not the same, diamond is carbide crystals The main component of moissanite is silicon carbide, moissanite gemstones have the best fire and higher refractive index, it refracts light emits a rainbow of dazzling light, optical instruments compared to moissanite emitted fire 2.4 times higher than diamond, it emits more eye-catching fire. Refractive index and luster, the refractive index of a gemstone refers to the color and brightness reflected by light entering the gemstone, and if the gemstone has a high refractive index, it will reflect a higher fire.

Fire is the optical effect of gemstones, which refers to the intensity of light reflected by gemstones, and the sparkling color produced by refraction is unattainable by other gemstones.

What are the qualities of moissanite

(1) Moissanite is the second hardest gemstone in the world (9.25 on the Mohs scale).

(2) Moissanite gemstones are two-way refractive and show colorful fire, which is far more than 2.5 times more brilliant than diamonds, and it is unchanged for a long time.

(3) Moissanite gemstones cannot be identified by ordinary diamond testers because of their excellent thermal conductivity.

(4) Only one-tenth of the price of diamonds, the same enjoyment, really excellent value for money.

(5) Each moissanite gemstone takes up to 5~6 months to cultivate a crystal, and its crystal, like natural gemstones, has different inclusions, plus patented cutting technology, so each one is artificially cut and unique.