One Carat Moissanite Price

How much does the market price of a carat of moissanite cost?

Generally speaking, the price of moissanite is about one-tenth of that of diamonds. To be more specific, the price of moissanite depends on its 4C. , The cut is not the same, the price is not the same.
The price of moissanite is about 500-1000$ one carat, and the price of diamond is about 5000-10000$ one carat. Moissanite is one tenth of the price of diamonds. There is no difference between the two from the naked eye. I have never understood why diamonds are expensive so many.

Moissanite, the chemical name is synthetic silicon carbide, the chemical composition is SiC, almost colorless.

Its appearance is very similar to diamonds, and it needs to be identified with a magnifying glass of at least 10 times to observe its contents. It is the latest imitation of masonry, but its price is one-tenth of that of diamonds, so it is considered a good substitute for diamonds.

Moissanite was originally developed and researched by the American Moissanite Company. After the patent protection expired in 2016, all countries in the world began to produce Moissanite.

Extended information: Source: 50,000 years ago, a meteorite pierced the sky and fell in Arizona, forming a giant crater on the surface, 570 feet deep and a mile in diameter. Some meteorite remains were also scattered in the desert.

The difference between Moissanite and real diamonds. Hardness: Diamond has a hardness of 10 and Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25.

Specific gravity: The specific gravity of diamond is 3.52, while that of Moissanite is only 3.22. Refractive index: Moissanite is birefringent, while diamond is single refracting d. Fire color: When it comes to fire color, I have to praise Moissanite. The fire color of Moissanite is 2.4 times higher than that of diamonds. Comparing Moissanite and diamonds under optical instruments, the rainbow light emitted by Moissanite is very shocking.

How big is a moissanite one carat?

  1. The 0.05-carat Moissanite ring is 2.5mm in diameter and 1.5mm in height 2. The 0.10-carat Moissanite ring is 3mm in diameter and 1.8mm in height 3. The 0.20-carat Moissanite ring is 3.8mm in diameter and 2.3mm in height 4. A 0.25 carat Moissanite ring is 4.1 mm in diameter and 25 mm high A Moissanite ring is 5.2mm in diameter and 3.1mm in height 8. A 0.70-carat Moissanite ring is 5.8mm in diameter and 3.5mm in height 9. A 0.90-carat Moissanite ring is 6.3mm in diameter and 3.8mm in height 10. A 1-carat Moissanite The diameter of the mulberry diamond ring is 6.5 mm, and the height is 3.9 mm. 11. The diameter of the 1.25-carat Moissanite ring is 6.9 mm. The diameter is 4.3 mm. 12. The diameter of the 1.5-carat diamond ring is 7.4 mm. The diameter is 7.8 mm, the height is 4.7 mm, the diameter of the 14, 2.0-carat Moissanite diamond ring is 8.2 mm, the diameter is 4.9 mm, and the diameter of the 15, 3-carat Moissanite diamond ring is 9.4 mm in diameter, and the height is 5.6 mm. When buying a Moissanite diamond ring, there are three points for everyone It is necessary to know in advance 1. The diameter of a standard round diamond-cut 1-carat Moissanite is 6.5mm, but in fact, the diameter of commercially available Moissanite is always small in most cases. The drill diameter is 6.4 or 6.3mm, and there is even a 6.0mm ground.
  2. The size of a 1-carat Moissanite diamond may vary a little bit, because the size of a 1-carat Moissanite diamond ring is also different from the setting method and style of a 1-carat Moissanite diamond ring. Mulberry may not be a standard diameter.
  3. It should be noted that the diameter of 2 carats is not twice that of 1 carat.

Friends who have bought Moissanite diamonds are mainly divided into two camps. One camp says that Moissanite diamonds are simply too fragrant, shiny and shiny, and the real diamond ring they bought is really wrong. The other camp said that Moissanite diamonds are too hot, and the fire is fake, like a CD, which is incomparable with diamonds. In fact, both factions are right, it depends on how much the Moissanite you bought is, after all, Moissanite is the same as a real diamond ring, you get what you pay for.

At present, the most cost-effective price per carat of Moissanite diamonds is a few hundred dollars per carat. Note that the price of loose diamonds, as long as they are within a few hundred dollars, the quality will not be too bad. Paired with a superbly crafted ring setting, it is really difficult to distinguish it from a real diamond with the naked eye. Friends who buy this quality will say that Moissanite is really delicious.


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