Professional Guide to Diamond Care and Cleaning

Natural diamonds are a token of emotion, but also an investment product with the effect of value preservation and appreciation, carrying people’s expectations and pursuit of life. If you want to make a diamond shine permanently, careful maintenance and regular cleaning are the most important things you should know, how to clean and maintain diamonds? Here’s a professional guide to diamond care and cleaning (recommended collection).

Diamonds are lipophilic, and touching the surface of a natural diamond directly with your fingers may leave behind grease and dust that can affect the brilliance of natural diamonds. Proper care and cleansing to maintain its natural brilliance.

First, how to clean natural diamonds

  1. Clean yourself at home

Cleaning steps:

(1). Dip natural diamonds in diluted and warm dish soap or household amino cleaners.

(2). Gently wipe off any remaining dirt with a clean jewelry cleaning soft brush. (You can also use store-bought non-abrasive jewelry cleaners instead of soft brushes to clean dirt from natural diamond surfaces.)

(3). After cleaning, rinse the natural diamond thoroughly with clean water and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Cleaning once or twice a week is sufficient.


· Remember to clean the bottom of the diamond, as it is more likely to get oily dirt.

· When cleaning natural diamonds, be gentle and avoid vigorously scrubbing the setting.

· Never use a cleaner that contains chlorine, bleach, or abrasives, such as household cleaners or toothpaste, to clean natural diamonds. The chemicals contained in these lotions can severely corrode the alloy metals used to set diamonds.

· Try to avoid washing jewelry near the sink. If you have to wash jewelry near the sink, cover the drain to make sure it doesn’t slide down the drain with the current. Also, use rubber sink pads whenever possible to prevent natural diamonds from being damaged by accidental slipping.

  1. Use professional ultrasonic cleaning

While self-cleaning at home can achieve a “clean” effect, regular cleaning of natural diamonds by a trained jeweler allows natural diamonds to retain their original brilliance as much as possible.

Professional jewelers generally clean natural diamonds in two ways:

(1) Use a steam cleaner: Use high-pressure steam to remove long-term accumulated dirt.

(2). Use an ultrasonic cleaner: High-frequency sound waves are emitted from a vibrating liquid container to remove natural diamond surfaces and hidden dirt.


· Consult a professional before cleaning natural diamonds to determine if your diamond needs professional care. Because if not done properly, the above cleaning steps may loosen the natural diamond from the setting.

· Before choosing an ultrasonic cleaner to clean natural diamonds, read the grading report of natural diamonds to determine the level of care your natural diamonds can withstand.

If the diamond has been worn with wear, it is more appropriate to wash it in a finer way.

Second, how to store (maintain) natural diamonds

(1). Natural diamonds are extremely hard in nature, and it is best to store them separately from other jewelry when not wearing them to avoid accidental scratches and abrasion.

(2). Store natural diamonds in a separate jewelry box or soft cloth bag, and make sure to store the jewelry box in a cool, dry, and safe place. It avoids its damage and prevents moisture in the air from corroding the metal.

(3) For valuable diamonds, commercial insurance can be purchased to protect their value against theft, damage or loss of natural diamonds. Many insurance companies offer specific insurance policies and coverage for natural diamonds or other types of jewelry.

To avoid damage or premature aging of natural diamonds, the following should be kept in mind:

· Remove diamonds when cooking in the kitchen, as food and other oils can remain on or dull them.

· When playing sports, it is recommended to remove the diamond ring to prevent grease and sweat from accumulating around the diamond.

· Perfumes, sunscreens, hairsprays, detergents and bleaches used in everyday life all contain harsh abrasive solutions that can corrode or darken the setting of natural diamonds.

· Avoid thick lotions and creams that remain on diamond rings/bracelets that may cause discoloration, especially if set with metals such as white gold or platinum.

· When removing the ring, remove it by holding the band area, not the diamond or setting. It also contributes to the firmness of the diamond in the setting.

· It is recommended to take the diamond to a jewelry store every six months for professional cleaning to ensure its longevity. You can also learn about up-to-date care and check natural diamonds for looseness or scratches to ensure their firmness on the setting.

The above is the professional-grade diamond cleaning and maintenance guide shared today, for more related content, you can contact a professional customer service consultant to understand.

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