What is a birthstone? When God created all things, He created 12 gemstones. Each gemstone corresponds to a month, and those born in each month also correspond to a gemstone, which is called a birthstone. It represents blessings and expectations for people. Do you know which gemstone corresponds to your birth month? What do these birthstones mean?

January: Garnet

Garnet symbolizes light and victory. It can be sent to relatives and friends. It is a very good stone of friendship. The winter solstice is the longest night of the year, and January follows the winter solstice.

With the passage of time, the time of day is gradually lengthened, and the time of light staying on the earth is getting longer and longer.

For our ancestors, the dark night always lurks unpredictable dangers, and surviving the longest dark night of the year is the moment of victory for us to move towards the light of hope and embrace a bright future.

February: Amethyst

Amethyst represents stability and maturity. February is the season when old trees sprout and dead grass regenerates.

At this time, the vigorous natural vitality came to this land again, and new forces continued to burst out, and everyone was full of restless and upward momentum.

Amethyst in February can soothe impulse, return to rationality, and live a happy life in beautiful days.

March: Aquamarine

Legend has it that aquamarine is the essence of the condensation of the ocean. As the birthstone of March, it represents calmness and bravery. Aquamarine has its own magical power, which can calm the restless heart.

For March, when everything grows, ambition and restlessness are constantly expanding, and a calm and calm mind is especially needed for long-term planning.

When you are not afraid of difficulties and stick to a calm and calm attitude, what goals cannot be achieved?

April: Diamonds

Compared with March, April is a scene full of vitality. The ancients in our country also believed that April is the season when everything turns from yin to yang, letting go of the old and accepting the new. Diamonds are a testimony of love, but also represent eternity and permanent youth. Take a look at moissanite, which is closest to a diamond.

Lin Huiyin once said that April is love and hope, because love can span time, so true love is eternal.

Because the breeze is not dry in April and the years are quiet, it seems that youth is always there and never gets old. Sending diamonds to someone you like is not only an expression of love, but also a deep blessing.

May: Emerald

Other green gemstones do not have the pure and extreme color and classic charm of emeralds. Some people say that the whole spring is hidden in emeralds.

As the birthstone of May, emerald is the stone of life. It is said that it can restore the health of the sick and bring vitality to all things. Recommend to read this article´╝Ü

June: Pearl

Pearls represent health and happiness. The weather is slowly warming up in June and the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is officially here.

People at this stage can release their energy to the fullest and encounter romantic and beautiful things in the long summer time.

June is full of sweetness and happiness. In the days related to youth, pearls not only have a good meaning, but also are very beautiful accessories.

July: Ruby

Ruby represents passion and love. Presumably no one will doubt the enthusiasm of July. Most of the dog days of summer occur in this month, and you can feel the enthusiasm at any time.

However, unlike the hot weather, ruby gives people the feeling of warm emotions, the purest yearning for feelings and life. This kind of true emotion that goes directly to the soul is as pure and beautiful as the heart of a child, precious and unforgettable.

The same warm feeling, ruby is more noble and elegant. Owning ruby accessories is really an enviable thing.

August: Peridot

Peridot symbolizes happiness and harmony. Experiencing the vigorous vitality of spring and the enthusiasm of summer, August is undergoing a new metamorphosis, everything is slowly cooling, which is the beginning of peace and the first step towards maturity.

The Bible says that peridot is a testimony of robbers turning war into a good life, but in reality, it is more like a testimony of romance and warmth, symbolizing that you who love life are enjoying a happy life.

September: Sapphire

Sapphire symbolizes loyalty and constancy. September is the harvest season for farmers, which represents the results of previous efforts. Only by being unwavering in the future can we harvest sufficient grain in September. September is full of fulfillment, contentment, and joy, symbolizing farmers’ loyalty to the land.

Sapphire is one of the five major gemstones in the world, and it has a deeper meaning as the birthstone of September. Sapphire is originally a noble and elegant gem with extraordinary temperament. Wearing sapphire in September has a unique sense of ritual.

October: Tourmaline Opal

Tourmaline represents peace and health. Opal symbolizes hope and luck. The weather in autumn changes from warm to cool, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, but it is more comfortable than summer.

At this time, the joy of harvest is getting higher and higher, and people’s confidence in the future is higher than in other periods. Wearing tourmaline and opal is a good yearning for life, and giving each other is also a wish for relatives and friends.

November: Topaz

Topaz is the stone of friendship, symbolizing deep friendship. The ancients believed that grinding Topaz into powder could cure diseases and represent health.

In older legends, Topaz gradually healed wounded comrades and was a symbol of friendship.

In fact, as a gemstone, topaz does have a certain magnetic field, but it is not as magical as the legend.

Wearing Topaz can make the mind more peaceful and has a positive effect on thinking and making decisions. In this respect, giving topaz accessories to those around you is indeed a testimony of friendship.

December: Turquoise

Turquoise symbolizes good luck. Turquoise is the “sacred stone” of the ancient Indians, possessing magical powers, possessing turquoise accessories, being sheltered by the gods, and lucky things follow.

December is the month of the winter solstice and the month when the number of nine days begins.

December should not be frequent activities, sending each other turquoise, is a good choice to express your heart. There are many more pleasing gemstones in the world that sparkle with enchanting light and together form a dreamlike and colorful life.

When we wear them on our bodies, we not only gain the original beauty of the gemstones, but also have the blessings of nature.