The Essential Guide to Moissanite Bracelet

Many people don’t know that there are also particularities and taboos when wearing bracelets. For example, does it matter which hand a moissanite bracelet is worn on? What should you pay attention to when wearing and maintaining Moissanite gold and silver bracelets? Now give you a guide to this series of questions.

Bracelets, as one of the most beloved jewelry accessories for human beings, whether it is the dragon and phoenix bracelets worn by parents when they get married, or the silver bracelets that are now born for children, in short, our life seems to be indispensable for bracelets. Even though bracelets, bracelets and other jewelry appeared one after another. But the bracelet is still the most popular wrist decoration “top card”.

[Is it better to wear the Moissanite bracelet with the left hand or the right hand?]

There has never been a unified statement on which hand the bracelet should be worn on. Buddhism has the theory of “left in and right out”, that is, the left hand is the clean hand and the right hand is the dirty hand. Therefore, they believe that the bracelet should be worn on the left hand to absorb the essence. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, there are neurons suitable for massage on the right wrist, and these acupuncture points can be massaged when wearing the bracelet, so as to relieve human fatigue. Moreover, there is a “Shenmen Point” on our left wrist, and the motor tendons of the human hand pass through Shenmen Point. If you wear a bracelet on your left hand, it may cause damage to the ligaments and tendons in the wrist, and even cause muscle atrophy! In medicine, there is a disease called “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”, which is caused by compression of the Shenmen point on the left hand.

Both of the above arguments have their own merits. However, for most people, especially office workers, because the right hand needs to use the mouse frequently, wearing a bracelet may be worn or inconvenient, so they prefer to choose the convenient left hand.

If you are still hesitating which hand to wear, then you might as well distinguish it according to the occasion.

[Moissanite bracelets are suitable for occasions worn on the left hand]

ↈ1ↈ: When participating in forums, conferences, etc., or negotiating with customers;

ↈ2ↈ: Go to banks, jewelry stores, gold stores, stock exchanges and other places with a prosperous magnetic field;

ↈ3ↈ: Participate in some festive occasions such as weddings, opening ribbon-cutting, graduation ceremonies, etc.;

ↈ4ↈ: To visit elders, teachers, distinguished guests, etc.;

ↈ5ↈ: When taking exams, or when buying lottery tickets, lottery draws, etc. to hope for good luck;

In these 5 situations, it is more suitable to wear the bracelet on the left hand, which is conducive to the achievement of goals.

[Moissanite bracelets are suitable for right-handed occasions]

ↈ1ↈ: When sweeping tombs or visiting some old houses, there may be relatively dark places;

ↈ2ↈ: Go to the hospital, or near the prison, etc.;

ↈ3ↈ: Places with a lot of people and heavy turbidity, such as vegetable markets, bars, and movie theaters;

ↈ4ↈ: Public toilets, garbage dumps and other places with heavy pollution;

In the above four situations, it is more suitable to wear the right hand, which helps to expel negative energy and acts as a talisman.

[Neglected Bracelet Maintenance]

Different Moissanite bracelets have different materials. Moissanite bracelets made of different materials require different points of attention during the wearing process. The editor lists some of the more common bracelets on the market and gives you tips on how to maintain them.

ↈ1ↈ: Moissanite gold bracelet

Gold bracelets also occasionally turn black, which can be fixed by scratching with an agate knife. It also happens that gold jewelry turns white from time to time, and many people don’t know why. In fact, it is our daily skin care maintenance, wearing gold jewelry, long-term contact with these chemicals such as cosmetics, which leads to the whitening phenomenon. It is also very easy to solve, burn it with fire, and then wipe it with a cloth, and the white marks will disappear. As long as your Moissanite gold bracelet is real gold, it is not afraid of fire.

ↈ2ↈ: Moissanite Silver Bracelet

People who often wear silver jewelry know that although silver jewelry is cheap and easy to wear, it is very easy to be oxidized and turn black. Therefore, there are silver wiping cloths, silver washing water, etc., which are used as daily maintenance of silver jewelry. But some are so oxidized that they are useless. In addition to sending it to a specialty store for cleaning and maintenance, there is another artifact that can be solved-the agate knife. It can not only solve the blackening of silver jewelry, but also smooth out scratches. You can choose dry rubbing, or dip some silver washing water and other aids. After washing, you will find that the moissanite silver bracelet becomes shiny!

ↈↈ: Small reminder after editing: ↈↈ Sometimes the blackening of Moissanite silver bracelets is not necessarily due to oxidation, but may be due to poor physical condition, excessive fatigue, etc., reminding you that you need to adjust yourself. “For a period of time, I didn’t get tired from work, didn’t have enough sleep, and didn’t have a good rest. I found that the silver bracelet on my wrist was not as bright as before. After that period of time, my work and rest gradually resumed, and the silver bracelet changed back.

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