Where is the Best Place to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings


When it comes to buying an engagement ring, diamonds are often seen as the go-to option. However, in recent years, moissanite has become a popular alternative, offering the same brilliance and fire as diamonds at a more affordable price point. But where is the best place to buy moissanite engagement rings? In this article, we will explore some of the top options.

Online Retailers:

One of the most convenient and popular options for buying moissanite engagement rings is through online retailers. There are many reputable online jewelers that offer a wide range of moissanite rings at affordable prices. Some top online retailers include Brilliant Earth, James Allen, and Charles & Colvard.

Local Jewelry Stores:

For those who prefer to see and touch the ring before buying, local jewelry stores are a great option. Many local jewelers now offer moissanite engagement rings in addition to traditional diamond options. However, the selection may be more limited, and the prices may be higher than online retailers.

On Etsy:

Etsy is an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of handmade and unique products, including moissanite engagement rings. Many independent jewelry designers sell their creations on Etsy, providing a more personalized and unique option for buyers.

Secondhand Retailers:

Another option for buying moissanite engagement rings is through secondhand retailers such as pawn shops or consignment stores. These retailers may offer previously owned rings at a discounted price, but buyers should exercise caution and make sure to get the ring appraised and certified.

Direct from the Manufacturer:

Buying moissanite engagement rings directly from the manufacturer can be a great option for those looking for a wider selection and potentially lower prices. Some top moissanite manufacturers include Charles & Colvard and Harro Gem.

Online Auctions:

Online auction sites such as eBay or Amazon can also be a source for buying moissanite engagement rings at a lower price point. However, buyers should exercise caution and make sure to buy from reputable sellers with positive reviews.

Custom Designers:

For those looking for a completely unique ring, working with a custom designer may be the best option. Many jewelers and designers offer custom design services that allow buyers to create their own moissanite engagement ring.

Discount Retailers:

Discount retailers such as Walmart or Overstock may offer moissanite engagement rings at a lower price point than traditional jewelers. However, the selection may be limited, and the quality may not be as high as other options.

Online Marketplaces:

In addition to Etsy, there are other online marketplaces such as Amazon Handmade or Artfire that offer a wide range of handmade and unique moissanite engagement rings.

Friends and Family:

Finally, buying a moissanite engagement ring from a friend or family member who no longer wants it can be a cost-effective option. However, buyers should still exercise caution and get the ring appraised and certified before purchasing.

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There are many options available for buying moissanite engagement rings, from online retailers to local jewelry stores to custom designers. The best place to buy a moissanite engagement ring will depend on individual preferences and priorities, such as price, selection, and customization options. By exploring these options, buyers can find the perfect moissanite engagement ring for their loved one.

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