Which Color Of Diamond Appeals To You The Most?

In the world of jewelry, diamonds are always the elf that shines, and when you are happy to choose the most important diamond jewelry in your life, it indicates that you will have a more extraordinary temperament.

Did you know that not all diamonds are flawless? In the diamond family, rich colors can also set off the beauty of the owner.

Colorless diamonds

Colorless diamonds are the dominant in the diamond family. Diamonds with flawless interiors are more ornamental than diamonds with yellowish or impurities. A round diamond with excellent appearance can pass through 57 facets, repeatedly refracting the light that shines inside, and finally forms a colorful fire.

Turn the angle slightly to see the jumping spot on the diamond. Those vibrant lights surround the fingers, which can not only define the contours of the fingers, but also enhance the overall temperament.

The Cullinan diamond is the largest diamond in the world, weighing 3,106 carats of rough, and has been in the hands of the British royal family since it was excavated in 1905. This diamond bears witness to the recent history and changes of the United Kingdom, and is a colorless diamond of great value and historical significance.

Red diamonds

Red diamonds are extremely rare, even in countries with the largest diamond stocks. The output of red diamonds from the Argyll Mine in Australia accounts for 90% of the market share. But the output of red diamonds in this famous mine is only 2-3 carats per year.

From 1985 to 2019, fewer than 50 red diamonds were actually produced from the Argyle mine. In other words, every red diamond is a rare treasure in the world. The largest red diamond in the world is only 5.11 carats.

Although it is not outstanding in terms of weight, because it is so rare, the relevant institutions cannot even give it a value. Today the red diamond is on display at the Amsterdam Diamond Museum for more people to see.

Pink diamonds

In some ways, pink and red diamonds have many similarities, both formed by atomic-scale lattice defects, mainly in Argyle, and both are produced in very small quantities.

However, the color of pink diamonds is clearly different from red diamonds, and the relatively soft pink color gives people an intuitive feeling of sweetness and warmth. The production of pink diamonds is also higher than that of red diamonds, and before the closure of the Argyle mine, it could produce about 50 carats of pink diamonds per year.

After the closure of the Argyle mine, the world’s largest pink diamond was found in Angola, Africa. The rough diamond weighs 170 carats and, although it has been confirmed that it will be sold, there is no price yet.

In recent years, there have been some high-quality pink diamonds on the auction house, most of which are sold at a higher price than the estimated price, and the phenomenon of streaming auctions is even rarer, which also reflects the value of pink diamonds from the side.

Blue diamond

Colorless diamonds are composed of carbon atoms. If other atoms replace some of the carbon atoms, the diamond changes color.

When boron atoms account for more than one part per billion in a diamond, the color of the diamond turns slightly blue. Blue gives people the feeling of purity. Among gemstone families, blue gemstones are generally more popular.

Blue diamonds are somewhat similar to sapphires, but more brilliant and much more expensive than sapphires. Blue diamonds are very rare, and the output is not much different from pink diamonds.

When the blue diamond was first discovered in the world, even the GIA institution couldn’t help comparing it to “finding that shining needle in the haystack”. The world’s largest blue diamond is “Hope” from India.

The diamond was discovered by French explorers in 1642, and has since witnessed hundreds of years of French history. It is said that this diamond weighs 44.4 carats. It has been changing owners for various reasons. It is now displayed in the Smith Research Institute as an exhibit for visitors to appreciate.

Yellow diamonds

Colorless diamonds are pure and translucent, symbolizing pure and chaste love, and once nitrogen is present in the diamond, a faint yellow color appears in the diamond.

Yellow diamonds are colored diamonds formed when the proportion of nitrogen reaches a certain level. These diamonds are rarer than colorless diamonds, and although they are not as rare as red diamonds, they are generally more valuable than colorless diamonds.

The rare beauty of yellow diamonds is a symbol of dignity in both the East and the West. Wearing a yellow diamond at the party shows the host’s graceful and luxurious temperament.

On October 17, 2022, Sotheby’s exhibited a 303-carat yellow diamond in Dubai, the largest yellow diamond to date.

Green diamonds

Because green diamonds are so rare, they are rare for most people to see. Green diamonds form a process similar to other colored diamonds.

It has an extremely wide range of shades of color. Depending on the color, the price also varies greatly. The color of a green diamond consists of two parts: the interior color and the secondary tone.

Secondary tones have a greater impact on the value of green diamonds than internal colors. As long as the secondary hue can take on a vivid green color, its value will be high.

If the color of the secondary color is yellow or brown, the actual ornamentation and value will be much lower.

The world’s largest green diamond is a 41-carat pear-shaped diamond, also known as the Dresden Green Diamond because of its collection in the Dresden treasury.

Black diamonds

All of these diamonds are born from the earth, but black diamonds are the obvious exception. The material analyzed by scientists from black diamonds is not bred underground, and some even believe that the formation of black diamonds is related to the fall of asteroids.

Black diamonds have a lot of impurities inside, it is almost impossible to form fire, and it is impossible to measure its beauty by common sense. In most cases, black diamonds are at the bottom of the diamond world, and there is less jewelry made from them. But this does not prevent someone from liking black diamonds.

Who can be sure that black is not an alternative beauty? The world’s largest black diamond, weighing 555.55 carats, debuted in Dubai earlier this year.

No one can be sure of its origins, and even scientists can only deduce that it was formed 2.6 billion years ago, most likely due to the fall of an asteroid. The black diamond was named “Mystery” and the final sale price was fixed at £3.2 million.

Every high-quality diamond is worth collecting, just like every love is worth witnessing with a unique diamond ring. Have you found that exciting diamond?


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