In the diamond cut grading scale, EX = Excellent, VG = Very Good, G = Good, FR = Fair, Poor.

Diamond cut is mainly composed of three parts: cut, symmetrical and polished. 3EX means that cutting, polishing, and symmetry have reached EX, which is the level of perfection.

Why buy 3EX cut diamonds

If the diamond is poorly cut, the overall appearance will be very dull, it will lack the vitality and sparkle characteristic of diamonds, and the value will be much lower. The 3EX cut grade ensures the excellence of the diamond’s optical performance such as fire and brilliance to a greater extent.

When choosing a 3EX cut diamond, if the budget is sufficient, you can properly select the proportion data, so that you can also optimize the proportion in the 3EX cut, which can achieve better cut standards and make the diamond look more brilliant and attractive.

Here are some key cut percentage priority data:

· Aspect ratio 57%~60%

· Waist thickness ratio 3.5%~4.0%

· Crown angle 33.5°~35.5°

· Pavilion depth ratio 42.5%~44.5%

Do you have to buy a 3EX cut grade diamond

3EX cut diamonds do theoretically have better fire, but under the GIA grading system, a cut fire above 3VG is good enough.

The diamond cutting ratio evaluates the round diamond’s table width ratio, pavilion depth ratio, waist thickness, whole body ratio, crown angle angle, pavilion angle angle, etc.; The table width ratio in the EX cut ratio under GIA standards is 53%-58%, and if the table width ratio reaches 59%, the diamond will fall to VG cut. This slight gap does not cause the entire diamond to be dull.

Basically, the fundamental difference between 3EX and VG is in the diameter of the diamond, and the cut diameter above VG is mostly less than 3EX. For example, the diameter of 3EX is about 6.4–6.5, while the direct VG cut is about 6.2–6.3.

In general, when buying diamonds, you can buy 3EX and above cut grades whenever possible. However, on a budget, diamonds above 3VG can also be purchased. Diamonds cut below VG are not recommended.


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