Why do jewelry settings prefer karat gold?

In the high-end jewelry market, 18k gold is one of the most widely used materials, such as diamond rings of many international jewelry brands are set in 18k gold. K gold material is favored by the market, mainly due to its own advantages, such as the characteristics, technology, color, style, etc. of K gold, the following is a detailed introduction.

(1) Features

K gold has high hardness, low toughness, high brightness, not easy to deform, not easy to wear. Due to its hardness and wear resistance, it can grasp a variety of gemstones more firmly.

(2) Process

K gold process requirements are higher than full gold, to go through more than ten processes (briquetting, wire drawing, heat treatment, electroplating, etc.), therefore, the workmanship is meticulous, the appearance is refreshing, the surface is smooth, and the internal light sense is strong.

(3) Style

Due to its good strength and flexibility and low melting point, K gold is easy to shape, shape, and very expressive, so it can be manufactured in different styles. Some styles of platinum can also be done with K gold, while some can be made of platinum but not in platinum.

(4) Color

K gold has a variety of colors, can present different colors according to different metal ratios, to meet the needs of customers who like different colors, fashionable and highlight personality, simple and not monotonous.

(5) Collocation

Since karat gold has different styles and colors, it is easier to match with different colors and styles of fashion to achieve better results. For example, young girls can choose plain karat gold, which shows generosity and frankness; Older women, on the other hand, choose the prize to make people look good and look younger. In addition, K gold is suitable for consumers of different ages, skin tones and hairstyles, and there is a large choice of choice.

(6) Trend

Karat gold is an internationally popular new jewelry, representing fashion, avant-garde, quality, charm, highlighting personality, it is finely crafted, the shape is varied, full of European style. It is more in line with international fashion, representing a modern woman’s confidence, calmness and elegance.

(7) Price

Karat gold is more affordable, which can be seen by comparing the quotations of jewelry of different materials on the market. For example, diamond rings of the same style and quality, K gold material is about 700-1500 yuan cheaper than platinum material.

(8) Emotion

Men buying K gold for women can highlight the fashion, independence and confidence of modern women, and more set off their inner temperament and taste, as well as convey women’s delicate emotions.

(9) Practical

The practicality of karat gold jewelry is very high, because its hardness, toughness are relatively good, it is not easy to break when wearing, even if you accidentally fall from a high place to the ground, it will basically not be deformed.

18k gold is one of the most common ring materials, the value of 18k gold material is basically calculated according to the weight of the ring and the price of the gold gram, the heavier the ring, the higher the price. According to the market situation, the metal weight of the 18k gold ring is basically about 1.5 grams, but the 18k gold rings on the market are basically sold at a flat price, and an 18k gold ring is basically about 1500RMB, according to this quotation standard, then the 18k gold ring is about 1000RMB/g.


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