Why do People prefer Diamonds or Moissanite?

Moissanite is a star gem that leads the trend in the jewelry market in recent years, especially in Europe, America, Korea, and Japan, and it is well known by everyone. Why is moissanite so popular, because in addition to its similar appearance to diamonds, it also has advantages that many diamonds do not have, or are comparable to diamonds. Here we take a look:

◆ What is moissanite

Moissanite, also known as Moissanite, is a gemstone cultivated artificially for up to 6 months. The brightness and refractive index of moissanite are higher than those of diamonds, making it the most shining gemstone in the world. Its hardness is as high as 9.25, second only to diamonds, becoming the second hardest gemstone. Normal wear can maintain its brightness, clarity, and fire. Moreover, moissanite can pass the test of the drill pen. If it can’t pass it, it is a fake. There is also a kind of coated moissanite on the market. Maybe it can pass the test of the drill pen this month, and it will turn black when the film falls off next month. Hair black can’t pass the test drill pen. Next, let’s talk about the 4C standard.

◆ Weight (Caratage):

Prioritize the weight of moissanite, after all, the size of moissanite is very intuitive.

Calculated in carats. 1 carat = 200 mg = 0.2 grams. One carat is divided into one hundred parts, and each part is called a point. 0.75 carat is also known as 75 points, and 0.01 carat is 1 point. In a standard brilliant classic hearts and arrows cut, the weight and carat size of a diamond is easy to estimate. The diameter of a 10-point diamond is 3mm, and 1 carat is 6.5mm. In fact, the sizes of various cuts are available in tables.

In actual naked eye observation, it feels that a small diamond with a score of 1 is a very thin matching stone; a diamond with a score of 10 is also very small, and can only be seen; from a score of 40, it is basically, “You brought a diamond~ “; 1 carat, after inlaying, visually accounts for more than 1/3 of the ring finger of most girls, which is already quite visually effective; 2 carats is 8.2mm, “so big~!”. 3 carats is impressive~~

At this time, the advantages of moissanite are fully highlighted. To achieve better results at a lower price, why don’t you choose a big one?

◆ Cut (Cut):

Because cut is the only indicator in the 4Cs that is greatly affected by human factors, it is easily overlooked by most consumers. However, cut is the second life of diamonds. With a good cut, the quality of moissanite The fire can fully shine out, so the cut is very important. Here we suggest that you choose the classic Hearts and Arrows cut, which can better reflect the fire of moissanite and reflect a more atmospheric visual effect.

Simply speaking, moissanite cutting is divided into several items, proportion, polishing, and symmetry. Moissanite with poor proportions will leak light, once the light leaks, the fire of Moissanite will be lost a lot, and there will be a black fisheye diamond in the center, etc. The simple way to distinguish is to turn the moissanite under natural light or a relatively single light source to see if there is an obvious dark place. If the particles are too small, the color is more important than the cut. Of course, the cut is better~.

◆ Color (Color):

The color must have a certain level. Natural diamonds have a variety of colors, ranging from precious colorless (white after cutting), rare light blue and pink to common yellowish. The more transparent and colorless, the more penetrating white is, and the more colorful it is after refraction and dispersion.

Although moissanite is cultivated artificially, it still needs to overcome many technical difficulties to cultivate precious white color. Under the current technical conditions, it is relatively rare to cultivate white moissanite. On the market, especially in the hot live broadcast market, some moissanite with poor color is sold as D color. This requires us to learn simple color grading to avoid being cheated. The whiter moissanite is graded D (that is, starting from the first letter of Diamond). The color is divided into 11 levels, arranged in descending order from D to Z, and D color is better. Our factory chooses high-quality moissanite and chooses D and E grade colors.

◆ Clarity (Clarity):

Moissanite is also a long process in crystal cultivation, in which some small impurities will be wrapped in the body due to the influence of technical conditions and equipment defects, causing defects. In addition, it may also cause flaws on the surface of moissanite during processing. Often these small flaws reflect the technical level and processing capabilities of moissanite manufacturers. The purer the good moissanite, the better the quality. When actually wearing moissanite jewelry, you must choose high-quality moissanite that is flawless and has no cutting defects.

Why people prefer moissanite or diamonds

Moissanite is not an imitation diamond, it is a kind of synthetic gemstone. According to the national standard jewelry and jade name, “synthetic gemstone refers to a crystalline or amorphous body that is completely or partially man-made and has a known corresponding crystalline or amorphous body in nature. Its physical properties, The chemical properties are basically the same as the corresponding natural jewelry jade”. Natural Moissanite is rarely found in craters, with many impurities and blemishes, and its color is mostly dark green and black. It can only be used for scientific research. Currently, the Moissanite diamonds sold in the market are all grown in laboratories.

From the chemical composition point of view, diamond and moissanite are similar, the essence of diamond is carbon, and the composition of moissanite is silicon carbide. It takes hundreds of millions of years for natural diamonds to form. After experiencing crustal movement, impurities and cracks will inevitably be carried. Moissanite diamonds are cultivated by crystals in the laboratory for 9-12 months. The color, clarity, and carat number can be precisely controlled. The purity of the crystals is clear and shiny, which makes up for the lack of natural diamonds. If you want to know more, please read The 4 Most Popular Moissanite Rings

As for why people like to wear moissanite or diamonds more and more, in fact, high-quality moissanite looks exactly the same as real diamonds, but it may be very embarrassing once you buy a moissanite worth more than a hundred dollars from a certain treasure. . The above is the reason why people prefer moissanite or diamonds. Many people use moissanite to get married. If you want to know more about moissanite, please pay attention to our official website.


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